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Unfinished: Scorn

2022-09-22 01:41 Unfinished

Jess and Grubb dive into the ooey-gooey icky center of this preview of Scorn, out on October 21st!

Game Mess Mornings 09/22/2022

2022-09-22 54:24 Features

Grubb is joined by @merrittk to discuss Logitech, Game Publishing, and more!

Eternal Darkness - At the Heart of My Soul: Part 04

2022-09-21 02:03 Features

Jeff Bakalar is joined by Jeff Grubb (and Satan) on his journey into the mouth of madness.

ALBUMMER! 56: The Clash's Cut the Crap

2022-09-21 08:44

Today on Albummer! we're talking about The Clash's last album, the non-ironically named Cut the Crap. A beloved band ending with a swan song akin to a diaper on fire? Sounds like a solid episode idea!

Arcade Pit: Arcade Pit: Team Metacritic 60 vs Team Baba Was Tamoor

2022-09-21 02:18 Features

Team Metacritic 60 Fred Wood @thatsmytrunks Xalavier Nelson Jr. @WritNelson vs Team Baba Was Tamoor Harris Foster @HarrisFoster Catsworth @CatsworthLP

Game Mess Mornings 09/21/2022

2022-09-21 02:24 Features

Grubb is joined by John Warren to discuss Twitch, NVIDIA, and more!

Quick Look: Metal: Hellsinger

2022-09-21 35:21 Quick Looks

Do you like THE METAL? Jess and Bakalar like THE METAL. (Reuploaded with louder game audio! More METAL!!!)

Quick Look: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

2022-09-20 24:49 Quick Looks

And a Very Merry Cowabunga to you as well!

Giant Bombcast 756: Emulation Hose

2022-09-20 00:00 Features

We're joined by special guests Imran Khan and John Warren! Today we cover the hottest games like the Diofield Chronicles, Hyper Demon, Disney Dreamlight Valley, our experience with PSVR 2, and ESPN NFL 2k5? We also cover the GTA leaks, the new Iron Man game, a...


2022-09-20 17:43 Quick Looks

It's rare that "WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?!" is a compliment, but this follow-up to Devil Daggers earns it!